Picturing Grace

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‘Picturing Grace’ premiered October, 2014. It is a theatrical retelling of how the photograph ‘Grace’ came to be.

•Cast size: 11+ (4m 7f, 2 musicians, flexible)
•Running time: 90 min
•Genre: Historical drama

‘Picturing Grace’ is an emotionally moving play about a world famous photo from the Bovey, MN. A Swedish immigrant photographer is disheartened by the pessimistic views in his community. He seeks to capture a photograph that will make people conscious of the things they have rather than the things they have to do without.

Based on research from the Itasca County Historical Society and other sources and dramatized with some creative license to fill in the gaps and the dialogue.

Read some reviews here.

Grand Rapids Herald-Review

Scene Range News

Mesabi Daily News

#PicturingGrace #onlyinmn

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