Summer Haiku and Micro-Poetry

How often
do two twigs
work together
to catch a pine cone?

song sparrow on post.
a second one brings breakfast.
shared food. shared table.

bumblers and hummers
answer the invitation
of monarda blooms

juvenile robin
half-dozen worms droop from beak
“eat like a bird?” Ha!

a warbler
fear and senses stalled
just long enough
to be my friend
if only for a moment.

Twin yellow comets
chase each other, synchronized
Give up, land on limb

chipmunk’s spring deposits
are now towering blooms.
what seemed to be hoarding
has proven to be investing
with beautifully high returns.

in long, single file
like Beatles on Abbey Road
three gaggles parade

wind blows sweetly
through the reeds
while the bass
pulses underneath
and strings strum
to hold it all together

a heavy air that threatens rain
and brings excuse to stay inside
is welcomed as an air to claim
a day of rest too long denied