winter 2017 haiku and micropoetry

Flock of tarnished brass
Waits for a vernal polish
to be bright again.

horns heard overhead:
an elegant brass quartet
in white tuxedos.

gallery sculptures
polished by the sun and wind
hushed by their whispers

unwashed but refreshed,
aching but strengthened,
tired but renewed:
a weekend in the wilderness

Loving the white,
embracing the snow;
Dreaming of green,
impatient to grow!

There the owl nests…



Barred Owl Nesting Box

“There the owl nests and lays
    and hatches and gathers her young in her shadow;
indeed, there the hawks are gathered,
    each one with her mate.” -Isaiah 34:15

It seemed like a nice verse to emblaze onto a nesting box built in hopes of attracting a barred owl; in context, however, Isaiah 34 is prophetically speaking of the destruction of God’s enemies and the animals said to inhabit the desolated ruins.

It is not altogether inappropriate, for in winter when the owl begins nesting, the woods of Minnesota are arguably desolated. And yet, I will decidedly take scripture out of context in this instance and decide that “There the owl nests and lays and hatches and gathers her young in her shadow…” as an inspiring and delightful verse to inscribe on a nesting box. Here’s hoping an owl helps the box live up to its inscription!