A Slippery Slope

(the story of my first date with my wife)

A warm, autumn day and a steep, rocky hill
was a recipe testing the strength of the will.
An adventurous lady and a foolish guy’s whim
and they were quickly ascending with her behind him.
A leaf-covered slope made a treacherous climb
and their injure-free hopes were quickly maligned.
She was lacking a rope, so she grasped for a root;
But a poorly aimed grope caused a slip of the foot.
The slip of her foot caused a slip of her tongue
and she started to slide like a son of a gun.
With the speed of descent like a peregrine’s dive,
the jury was out if she’d end it alive.
Leaving a dust cloud and levit’ed leaves,
it was a wonder she didn’t collide with the trees.
Enjoying the ride, yet fearing she’d die,
she saw her short life flash before either eye.
As she slid to a stop at the edge of the glen,
she was consumed by debris and was ne’er seen again.