Bird Brains

Bird Brains

Bird Brains

•Cast size: 8 (3m 5F)
•Running time: 80 min
•Genre: Farce
•Set: Minimal. Tent, camp chair, ambient trees and shrubs.

In Bird Brains, a goggle-eyed, goose-stepping ornithologist, Dr. Doris Duselvogelblödelblicken, embarks on a camping expedition to capture evidence of the elusive and endangered bird, the blue-spotted red-headed yellow-bellied poplarpecker. She is aided by two nitwit assistants, Bu and Gavi, who are commissioned to keep the forest clear of any intruders who may disturb the bird. The idiotic assistants find aid in their job with the superficially courageous forest ranger Benjamin B. McCrue. The three stooges encounter a group of girls spending the weekend camping in the woods to pick berries and escape heartache. Bu, Gavi and Ben try to court the girls while keeping them hidden from Doris, which leads to a series of mistaken identities, chase scenes, and general confusion among the cast of eccentric characters. Premiered October 2011 by Grand Rapids High School

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