Shrieking Woman

O shrieking woman of early morn:
You shatter the silence with your horrid voice.

You’re black and beautiful
with a shaggy throat.

But no heavenly beauty can redeem for such a hellish voice.

The others sing a melody,
delightful harmonious cacophony.
But you, my dear, just squawk and caw
ear-twinging screams
of laboring squaw.
I daresay your nails
on a chalkboard slate
would produce a sound
more pleasant
more pleasing
less grating.

The others’ calls
welcome the day
and herald the sun

but I fear your war cries
will kill the day,
send the sun in full retreat,
and leave us in darkness.

Shut up.


-published 2017 edition of Spring Thaw! Itasca Community College

A Christian and an Atheist Walk Into a Bar

Uncommon Loons Theatre Company

13418753_625309517627551_3136932056967622599_nA Christian and an atheist walk into a bar… they order a pitcher of beer, rehearse a play, and enjoy some live jazz thereafter.

One of the great things about a small, two-man show? You can do just that. Rehearse anywhere at anytime, provided both actor/directors are available.

The beauty of the situation was amplified by the stage directions in the script that require eating and drinking. The popcorn and IPA before the actors served well.

And thus begins the rehearsing of ‘Pistachios’ which will premier early August at the Minnesota Fringe Festival. Whether you’re Christian, atheist, or just a lover of theatre, it’s a show anyone can empathize and everyone can enjoy!

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