MacRostie Miniatures

Project: Create a small piece of fine art not to exceed 12″ in any dimension for the MacRostie Art Center’s 6th annual ‘Miniatures Exhibition’

Status: Competed!


The MacRostie Art Center has an upcoming exhibit called Miniatures and takes individual submissions from local artists. The pieces must be no larger than 12″ in any dimension. Now what to do…what to do…

April 22, 2013

I had completed a black under painting and started a sketch out of the painting I was going to do. But I didn’t like it. All along the way a loon kept creeping back into my thoughts, especially with the anxiousness for a summer that seems like it will never come to Minnesota this year. So I got the loon sketched and the water painted. I thought it was odd how quickly my ‘oil’ paint was drying. Upon closer inspection of the blue and discovered it was acrylic. So I had been mixing acrylic blue with white oil (not to mention everything else in the painting was oil). The final results at this point are bearable, so I hope the it will have no long-term disastrous effects.

Water finished, loon blocked in

Water finished, loon blocked in

April 23, 2013

I made a few updates, adding green to the head and details to the beak. It still needs the eye and the white spots and stripes, but it is nearing completion. Good thing, too, because it’s gotta be done and dry by Friday (two days!)

Nearing completion- needs eye and spots

Nearing completion- needs eye and spots

April 24, 2013

Completed! Now let’s hope it dries by Friday when submissions are due. The down side of oils is that it doesn’t favor the procrastinator.