Haiku: a lesson in phonetics

A friend gave me syllabic criticism on a haiku I had written. I argued ‘wild’ was indeed two syllables; or at least it is when I pronounce it in my dialect, with a schwa before the ‘ld’. Looking online, every site said ‘wild’ was one syllable. Finally on a forum, I found a post stating that although some diphthongs may sound like two syllables in some dialects, such as ‘wild’ for me, a diphthong is a moving monosyllabic sound and so it is always only one syllable. So I stand corrected and wrote the following haiku about it. (apparently ‘prayer’ is two syllables, even though I would argue the vowel mix in the middle is all diphthong, but that’s a new rabbit hole to tackle at another time). Until then, my haiku on phonetics:

it seems diphthongs are
moving monosyllables.
may sound two, e’er one