Keep your boat afloat.

December 15, 2015, marked the end of a 60-year performing arts legacy in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. As with many other Northern MN artists, the organization had a large influence on my stage experiences; it began with my debut on its stage at the age of 10 and concluded with my leadership participation in events during this summer past that would turn out to be its last. I’m sad to see her go; yet with the rest of its final board of directors, we were the one who euthanized her.

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Haiku: Winter in MN II

IMG_0822a thick morning fog
turns to frost on pine and spruce:
breath-frozen beauty

cold, white haze in air
desaturating colors
I long to see sun

green limbs sag tiredly
struggling to hold their burdens
of wet, heavy snow


IMG_0479black satin ruckus:
guests devour feast of carnage.
a murder of crows

I stand at crossroads.
Three birds come investigate.
They leave, unamused.

bald eagle flapping
talons grasp weak spire of spruce
cannot find balance



IMG_0821The cold burns my face.
It lets me know I’m alive.
It purifies me.

steam from industry
embraces trees in the cold
a beautiful hoar

river to my left
in tracks of one before me
through hallway of pines