Haiku: Winter in MN II

IMG_0822a thick morning fog
turns to frost on pine and spruce:
breath-frozen beauty

cold, white haze in air
desaturating colors
I long to see sun

green limbs sag tiredly
struggling to hold their burdens
of wet, heavy snow


IMG_0479black satin ruckus:
guests devour feast of carnage.
a murder of crows

I stand at crossroads.
Three birds come investigate.
They leave, unamused.

bald eagle flapping
talons grasp weak spire of spruce
cannot find balance



IMG_0821The cold burns my face.
It lets me know I’m alive.
It purifies me.

steam from industry
embraces trees in the cold
a beautiful hoar

river to my left
in tracks of one before me
through hallway of pines

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