…for those of you who celebrate…

Why do we feel the need to qualify our festive greetings in this age? In the name of tolerance do we need to separate? “Happy Easter… to those who celebrate.” “Happy Hanukkah…to those who celebrate.” “Happy Holidays… to those who celebrate.” Can’t we just wish good tidings to the world without drawing lines of separation between those who celebrate and those who don’t? In this world of tolerance, I think we have become more divisive.

Do I celebrate Ramadan? Heck, no. But that doesn’t mean I’ll be offended if someone cast a broad net of well wishes on social media and says, “Happy Ramadan!” or “Happy Kwanzaa” “Happy Freethinkers’ Day” or to me and others. I will think, “Oh! I don’t celebrate that… but thanks!” In this modern age of alleged tolerance and inclusivity, we seem to be more apt to draw lines of separation with our greetings.

So in the spirit of divisive inclusivity, tomorrow I will be wishing everyone, “Happy Monday! …for those of you who celebrate.”

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