Project: Produce a 24hr creative exercise.

Status: Completed!


Inspired by ‘Out of the Hat’ in Bemidji, MN, I wanted to bring a 24hr creative exercise for the stage to Grand Rapids.

As described by the Grand Rapdis Herald Review:

Hyped as “a binge of theatrical absurdity from script to stage in 24 hours,” members of the Grand Rapids Players got together last Friday evening at the VFW as a part of First Friday to do a drawing for their first ever InsomniActs production. Four writers drew prompts for their individual, original plays; first line, last line, setting, and object. They had 12 hours to write the plays before they were handed off to four directors, who drew members of their casts, and who then had only 12 hours to produce the plays. The concept is borrowed from “Out of a Hat,” a similar theatrical production held in Bemidji. Audiences at the Reif Center on the evening of Saturday, Jan. 5, enjoyed four brand-new, never-before-seen (nor seen again) one-act plays entitled “Hells Belles,” “Hawaii Pee,” “Once Upon a Time in a Turkish Harem,” and “12 Hours.”

Check out the news article and photo gallery here.


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