autumn haiku and micropoetry 2016

horns heard overhead:
an elegant brass quartet
in white tuxedos.

Brown fallen leaves bask
in the warmth of rising sun.
Forest floor crinkles.

If you hear a deer
coming in your direction,
It’s prob’ly a squirr’l.

‘republican democracy’
but come election, what I see
suggests contrived dichotomy

Summer Haiku and Micro-Poetry

How often
do two twigs
work together
to catch a pine cone?

song sparrow on post.
a second one brings breakfast.
shared food. shared table.

bumblers and hummers
answer the invitation
of monarda blooms

juvenile robin
half-dozen worms droop from beak
“eat like a bird?” Ha!

a warbler
fear and senses stalled
just long enough
to be my friend
if only for a moment.

Twin yellow comets
chase each other, synchronized
Give up, land on limb

chipmunk’s spring deposits
are now towering blooms.
what seemed to be hoarding
has proven to be investing
with beautifully high returns.

in long, single file
like Beatles on Abbey Road
three gaggles parade

wind blows sweetly
through the reeds
while the bass
pulses underneath
and strings strum
to hold it all together

a heavy air that threatens rain
and brings excuse to stay inside
is welcomed as an air to claim
a day of rest too long denied

Haiku: Winter in MN

birches at day’s end: the sun chooses at random several to keepsprightly chickadee
sticks beak in snow. emerges.
with frosty goatee.

birches at day’s end:
the sun chooses at random
several to keep

sage lichen dabbled
on a gray and white canvas
a subtle beauty

two lonesome brothers kept each other company for a centuryrainy December.
a red flag slices the drab:
northern cardinal

two lonesome brothers
kept each other company
for a century

four open perches;
nuthatches and chickadees
take turns on just one

eaglenestred-breasted nuthatch
throws out several black seeds
before taking one

high above the trees
eagle nest waits silently
for coming spring brood

A wasps’ paper orb
hangs fragilely on a branch
over the river.

Haiku from a Deer Stand

Though it ended with no venison in the freezer, the weekend was not lost. Two amazing days in Creation are medicine for any soul. While I sat awaiting my quarry, I filled my notebook with the inspirations and the experience of basking in God’s handiwork– even if man did interrupt the tranquility with distant traffic noise and low-flying planes. And so… a few haikus from a tree stand:

My body shivers.
I see my breath in brisk air.
Sun’s rising warms me.

A nuthatch of Payne’s,IMG_3126
enters his cozy knot hole.
Then re-emerges.

three pink ribbons dance
tied to small trees marking lines
that men imagine

Breaking winter grays:
green moss, lichens sage and gold.
The trees are still dressed.

Five clean, white birches
stand neatly in a straight row.
One leans in to kiss.

I hear ‘swish’ above.
look to see, just over trees,
an eagle fly low

IMG_3127a blue jay clamors.
he leaps branch to branch squawking
oddly musical

A lonely, charred stump
recalls a forest fire
a century past.

squir’l scampers through leaves.
stops to devour a feast:
a cupcake I tossed

Long strings of black pearls
adorn the tall, gray lady
with green, bristled hair


I came for the deer
but now I’m hunting for words
to write my haiku.

among the drab hues
a sudden flash of azure
wings flourishing white

invisible thread
catches the sun, glints silver
and then disappears

Tree shadows lengthen
reaching to end a short day
and silence the woods.